Norton AntiVirus offers one of the most famous and reasonable antivirus software across the globe. Norton has established a name for itself in the antivirus market. It detects various kinds of viruses and protects the computer against them. Everyone wants to secure their computer system from viruses. So, they can do it quickly by regularly scanning the computer with Norton AntiVirus program. It uses some of the effective functionalities such as the virus database, suspicious behavior detection, emulation code and the Norton sandbox method to avoid viruses and malware which may infect your computer system and network. Here is how Norton antivirus scans, detects and removes virus and malware:

Virus Database:-

During the scanning of your computer system by Norton AntiVirus, it compares the hard drive, database, boot sectors and any removable antivirus drives which is getting scanned against its downloaded virus database. The database contains patterns or definitions of binary code which is special to each type of virus variants known to Norton. To do this, Norton AntiVirus first searches your computer device and then if it discovers code which matches with something in the database, it will either quarantine the virus or remove it from the computer. Please note, this method only protects your computer system from some of the known infections.

Suspicious Behavior Detection:-
Norton suspicious behavior detection does not rely on virus definitions. In spite of, this method depends on active monitoring to scan your computer’s programs to locate suspicious behavior. When you start using Norton suspicious behavior detection, you will have to accept or negate programs which are trying to run on your computer system until Norton finds out which programs are known to be safe. This method will protect your computer from unknown or new viruses infection, but it can also create quite a few false positives.

Code Emulation:-
There is another method of virus detection which is used by Norton to simulate the first section of the code for any new program that you are trying to access on your computer system. This method works for self-modifying code and looks for other executable programs on your computer. After it is identified, the executable will not be allowed to run. Unfortunately, this method also results in many false positives and may not allow verified programs to run.

Norton Sandbox:-
The sandbox is mainly used to scan individual files on-demand on your computer system. The Norton’s sandbox runs executable files in a fake or false operating system which does not allow the operating system to become corrupted. After finish the running process of the program, the sandbox will analyze the executable for any changes that may show that the damaged or infected file on your computer system. Norton suspicious behavior detection runs passively on your computer.

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