On the last year, it was forecasted by the Gartner that the Artificial Intelligence (AI) would be executed in nearly every new software product by 2020. As we know that the Artificial intelligence capabilities grow at a very fast pace, and the technologies become dangerous for every people so that the AI is not only protecting against cyber-attacks but also launching and securing them.

Security becomes fetching, and increasingly urgent concern of every people, mainly as professionals can advise against the gaps in the “wildly insecure” Internet of fixations. Some smart home features assisted driving systems, and convenient wearables are all bonuses of livelihood in the 21st century. These similar advantages depiction us to the digital security violation, online threats, and cybercrime. The best wish for defense against the AI-powered cyberattacks is to influence the power of AI in cybersecurity.

As with many other double-edged weapons, then, it will be very important for security squads to be aware with both sides of the picture to safeguard against the weaponization of Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence(AI) in Cyber Defence Teams
A division of AI, Machine Learning (ML), will relieve the trouble of recognition for many other cyber defense teams. It can also monitor network traffic and consequently establishes a baseline for some normal activity within a system. This type of information can be used to ensign any doubtful activity which is drawn from huge amounts of security data which is assembled by businesses.

Machine learning(ML)is also capable of classifying the malicious activity on some different layers. It can also be useful to the Web Application Layer (WAF) and the endpoint layer to identify the malware, spyware, and ransomware from your system.

Artificial Intelligence and Cyber- Criminals
At the starting of 2018, The Malicious Use of Artificial Intelligence Report warned that Artificial Intelligence could be utilised by the hackers for the malicious purposes which possessing the capability to target the entire states and modify the whole society. The highlight of this is globally, we are at “a very serious moment in the growth of AI and cybersecurity, and we should proactively prepare for the next wave of attacks.”

It is not a surprise that cyber experts are apprehension for all the hackers, AI will present the perfect tool to allow scale and effectiveness. As similar to the way which machine is learning which can be used to monitor the network traffic and analyze data correctly for cyber defense, it can also be used to make mechanized decisions on who, what, when and where to attack.

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