Get top 6 ways to prevent hackers from stealing your information here:
1- Use A Firewall:-
Most of the Hackers are using the Internet connection to enter the users’ computer system. They can also access your information through an open network port. That way, you can use the firewalls to avoid all these issues. A firewall is an excellent ability to control all hacker traffic which is the entering from your network ports. What we will suggest to the people is that firewall is the fundamental need to prevent hackers. It works as a gatekeeper on your network ports; Firewall helps you to know which program is sending and receive your personal or official information. As a default, some Windows comes with a basic firewall.

For Windows 7 users- you can access the firewall settings in under > Start > Control Panel > System and Security > Windows Firewall.

Please note- Windows 7 Firewall Control is software that can help you to manage the firewall setting on our computer system.

2- Protect Your Network:-
The hackers can easily access your network, and they can intercept your network traffic. They can gain your essential data from here. So we will advise the users that, they have to change the default login information from time to time of your router. You should reset your network password which is the access from your local WiFi to secure your network. Hacker is very well-skilled to steal users data or information, so it is essential that you have to do each possible step to prevent them.

3- Install an Anti-Malware Software:-
As we know, if you have not use any protection then anyone can damage your self. If you are not using any antivirus program on your computer devices then hackers can quickly enter in your device and gain your data. Most of the time, a hacker can corrupt your data by using malicious software installations authorized or performed, if you a new user. However, in some cases the user doesn’t need to invite any spyware, it’s automatically running and install when you have to open any site or click on any unwanted link. At that time, an Anti-malware software will protect your data. It offers useful protection service by detecting malicious activity on your computer. It can prevent any infection or spyware from your computer system. But always remember before installing an antivirus program, try to purchase it from a trusted website.

Suggestion- If you are searching for a perfect antivirus program then we will suggest Norton antivirus program. It is a remarkable and affordable antivirus program present in the market. To get this program, visit on or To get more information about Norton products and service you can connect with Norton Customer Support them by dialing Norton toll-free number.

4- Work With Secure User Account:-
Most of the users won’t work with the Administrator account because they feel more comfortable with it. You can install a program without having to switch users easily. You can efficiently run an installation file with Administrator rights. If you are a Windows Vista and Windows 7 user then these windows are comes with the user account to more secure your system by asking a verification or registered login details when programs try to make some changes to the system. For Windows XP users, be sure to make that your default account a non-Admin account. You can still run processes as Administrator from within this account which is the provided you to get the login details.

You should set a password for the default Administrator account. This is a different way to enter your system for the hackers, especially for those users who had direct access on their computer, so it is better for you to use an account password to lock it.

5- Send your data from a secure network:-
The Internet is just too convenient not to be used. It’s fun and easy to sign up for new accounts, participate in contests, shop from your couch, and plan your vacation. Every time you use such a service, you reveal a bit of personal information: your name, address, own interests, banking details, and when you will be away from home. This information is highly valuable!

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