Last week, Norton by Symantec announced that it would be releasing the commended Norton Core secure Wi-Fi router in Australia. This fast and reliable home Wi-Fi router was named in the list of Best Inventions of 2017, created by Time Magazine. The Norton core router is incredibly fast and specially designed home router which has in-built security. The router is developed to transform the way people secure their digital lives at home. Norton Core was first released in the United States of America. Australia is going to be the second country where Norton Core will be made available.

According to this year’s Internet Security Threat Report by Symantec, home routers were found out as the most exploited equipment. Using up the enormous cybersecurity expertise within the Symantec Corporation, this Wi-Fi router was created to be different from standard home routers. This was achieved by building it with crypto authentication chip. It also protects the users’ home networks and devices with the help of digitally signed software updates and secure boot technology. It does not slow down the speed and keeps the reliability and coverage intact.

Fran Rosch, the exec VP of Consumer Digital Safely at Symantec, said that individual device security is not enough any longer in present day’s connected home. Identity and personal information are gold mines for cyber thieves and at present hackers and cyber criminals are making use of even the simplest connected devices within the home in order to get access to personal and financial data. He added that they are proud to launch Norton Core in Australia and its launch will offer people a peace of mind regarding their privacy and personal data. Norton Core protects users’ data by multiple layers of security. Therefore, users can download stuff, stream their favorite movies, and play online games, without having to worry.

Key Features of Norton Core:
Security Score: With this feature, the users can check the health and security status of their home network in just one place. Moreover, one can also see which devices or settings may be affecting the security of the network. If the security score falls down, Norton Core router will give notifications along with recommendations to bring the score back up and to keep the system secure.
Better Parental Controls: Parents or guardians can conveniently set internet usage limits which is explicit to each kid. They can filter out the inappropriate content, and they also have the ability to pause the entire home network. If the child makes an attempt to go to any unauthorized website, then the access will be immediately blocked, and the parents will get a notification.
Secure Guest Access: The users can set up guest networks which have unique passwords. They can also set time boundaries. When the time is over, the user may just extend the access or allow the guest network to disappear.
Automatic updates: Norton core always stays secure and up to date with all the new improvements, performance, enhancements, and security updates. It is not required to update it manually.
Norton provides one of the best and most efficient security products around the globe. Norton antivirus is a leading name in the antivirus market. If you have purchased Norton security product and you wish to activate it, then go to Norton setup activation or

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