Microsoft Office 365 releases three security products, including Threat Intelligence service, Secure Social and the Advanced Data Governance solution to the users of Microsoft.

Working in the IT industry will know about the importance of cyber-security always remain supreme. Sometimes, while you are unable to confine a single security signal might be a serious threat to the users; and the numbers of signals are continuously increasing. In such case, it is not possible for the users to individually handle the threats. Hence, Microsoft Office 365 has added a few new functionalities and features in their product, to assist the users with their security apprehensions.

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Microsoft Office 365 Threat Intelligence
According to the Microsoft Announcement, Office 365 Threat Intelligence service is now available to provide you the information on security threats intelligence by using the data from various other sources. The data are produced through underlying Graph technology by the Microsoft Intelligent Security. The information is provided by the threat intelligence service is stand on “billions of data which points towards the Microsoft global data centers, Office clients, email, user authentications, signals from Windows and Azure ecosystems and some other events that crash the Office 365 ecosystem.

As per the recent studies, the total average cost of a Data Breach exceeds $4 million. The expense includes the litigation cost, loss of sales and re-building the reputation of the organization. Sometimes, it also guides to complete business conclusion. Microsoft Threat Intelligent Security Graph can be used to examine a wide range of security and understand some possible vulnerability. By notifying and informing the organization of all possible threats services, Office 365 threat intelligence helps the organization by reducing the cost of the company in the long run.

Microsoft Office 365 Secure Score
Office 365 Secure Score Service is provided by the Microsoft, by providing access to the score analyzer which will surely help in finding the exact ratio of the securing score to the total score. The secure score is being the numerator, and the total score is being the denominator. Then, the user can use the score analyzer to acquire a graph for the secure score data. The graph will always be downloaded in a .csv file option. The control panel for the secure score always recommends to the users that always measures for improving it, which can help in making the security of the organization better.

Microsoft Office 365 Advance Data Governance
In the recent Survey of the Microsoft, the Data governance was helping companies in managing data by finding and keeping the crucial data while abolished the unnecessary one.

If a company is retaining the data of the employees who already have left the company gratuitously so that there is a huge chance of getting the data breached or the data misused issues by any of the strangers or competitor. In such a way, the company can face an enormous loss that the users will have to pay for lifetime credit monitoring for the employee.

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