The Ctrl+Alt+Del is a popular key series that we all pivot to escape from an issue or finish a function or get away with the annoying programs. Ctrl+Alt+Del is the keyboard succession when pressed and sends a command to the CPU, then open the window with a menu option to admittance tasks like signing out, locking the system, switching the users, or to unlocking a task manager or even shutting down the computer system. Sometimes, your computer system freezes or is derelict due to a different cause or reason; so now, you need to give it the Ctrl+Alt+Del to reboot your entire order.

In case, if the programs crash on the system, the users of Windows operating system opened Task Manager by pressing on the keyboard Ctrl+Alt+Del. On the Task Manager option, the users are normally allowed to repair the system, make some changes to it, test, and finish the process and again start the program. But sometimes an error might occur,  this strange or irritating problem of the key sequence Ctrl+Alt+Del not working on your Windows 10. The problem generally occurs when the user updated the system with some unofficial firmware or due to the installation of some third-party applications.

We are discussing complete step guide to fix this problem. But before continuing the process, once carefully clean up the keyboard keys manually and also check that any missed Windows Updates, installing the latest updates might help in solving the problem. Confirm that your system is not infected with malware infection or other viruses and we suggest you scan your system for malware attacks or viruses before using any of the computer systems. The steps are in very simplest form and easily understood by users. For the protection of your system against the malware, we suggest you install the antivirus security software on your system. Nowadays, the best antivirus security software is Norton security software. Norton served the best and high security from viruses and known for providing best services. For more info visit or to get support dial the toll-free number of Norton customer support.

Steps to solve the Ctrl+Alt+Del not working on Windows 10

Method 1: To analyze or detect whether the issue occurs in “Safe Mode,”allow rebooting the computer in a safe mode and check it carefully, if the issue still appears.

Safe mode is an analytical mode for Windows which starts your computer on limited status. In this only the basic files and drivers are necessary to run on Windows are started on the system. This will help the user in recognizing whether the issue or problem is due to some third party programs or not.

Follow the steps in the given sequence to avoid trouble,

Type the word “Settings” in search option.
Now, click on the “Settings” option.
Then, click on the Update and recovery option.
Click on the “Recovery” option.
In Advanced startup option, click on the Restart now tab.
Formerly your computer restarts, then, on the Choose an option screen, click on the Troubleshoot option.
If Startup Settings option doesn’t appear on the screen, click on the advanced options.
Click on the Startup Settings tab.
Click on the Restart tab, to restart the system.
Then, on the Startup Settings screen option, choose the Safe Mode.
Finally sign in to your computer system with a user account that has administrator rights option.
Method 2: After completing the steps if the error not solved or if the issue does not appear in safe mode, then locate the computer in a clean boot condition and check it carefully that issue reappears.

Locating your system in a “Clean Boot” situation helps users in recognizing the third party applications or startup items are causing the issue.

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