Phishers have compromised an internal system of and they have successfully tricked EOS ICO's investors. is a company which is behind the EOS ICO, warned the investors of this cryptocurrency regarding a phishing attack which was discovered on 27 May, 2018 .

In this phishing attack, a mail was sent to a number of EOS investors and members of the EOS community ie those who were in email communication with the company. This email contained a link which lead to a spoof website. The website was designed to look Like the official website for EOS token registration.

The attack was very sophisticated. The email seemed to be authentic; it contained the EOS logo and also had links to the genuine EOS website. The text in the mail talked the talked and frequently described the more complex details of EOS and EOS ICO. The Text matter mimicked the writing style of the official EOS mails.

However, the email contained a button which allowed the receiver to claim unsold EOS tokens. Clicking on the button redirected the user to a site which was a copy of the original EOS website. There was just a slight difference in the genuine EOS website and the Phishing website.

When the user visits the website, they are asked to type in their private key. Quite a few people have fallen prey to this scam and lost their EOS tokens.

The company states that no sooner did it hear about this phishing attack than it emailed all of the users which have received the scam email through the company's Zendesk system. shut down their Zendesk support system temporarily so that it can find out how the System was compromised.

How can you prevent this attack?
Learn how to identify suspicious phging emails.
Improve the security of your web-enabled devices.
Keep changing your accounts from time to time.
Carefully go through the email as plain text.
Check if the message in the email Has a mismatched URL.
Enter any sensitive information only in secure websites.
Verify the source of information from the received email.
Do not go to the website by clicking on the link given in the emails.
What to do if you have been phished?
Change All the passwords of your email, computer system, etc.
Run an entire system scan on your device. You can set up Norton as it is a robust antivirus. Go to
Get in touch with the company and report them about the scam performed on your account.
Get Norton Power Eraser from because it employs a rigorous method to scan your device to detect more complicated threats which a standard antivirus software cannot detect.
This clever EOS scam could have successfully deceived even the best of people. Hence, you can never be too vigilant on the internet. No matter how genuine something seems to be, do not give your sensitive information unless and until you are very sure. When It comes to private keys, do not enter it anywhere. Be vigilant, always.

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