Microsoft Teams is designed and developed to help the customers of Office to work together as a team. It is the one application that intends to carry team’s conversations, files, meeting, and notes into one single place for opening the seamless collaboration. Whereas most are ready to squeeze the change, now they are struggling to get started.

Here’s we provide you every information about how to enable & activate Microsoft Teams through Office 365 Admin Center. This post will also show you how to follow the conversations and manage notifications from the team of Microsoft. The steps are very simple and easily understood by users. But for avoiding troubles or error, you need to follow the steps in ascending order. But while completing the procedure or steps if you need any technical support from the team of Microsoft, then dial the toll-free number of Microsoft customer support or visit

Step to Activate Microsoft Team Application
For activating Microsoft Teams application, the user can use the Office 365 Admin Center. The Office 365 Admin Center is basically used to set up your association with the manage users and manage subscriptions and Cloud option.

To find the Admin Center, choose the app launcher
Then, select ‘Admin’ from anywhere in Office 365 folder.
It will guide you to ‘Admin Center’ homepage option, the administrator is allowed to control the access to the Microsoft Teams at the organization level only.
The user-level control is not available, but it will be available soon. Once, it is available, and then the user has the option to either turn on or turn off the Microsoft Teams license for individual users.
Before activating the Microsoft Teams, you need to enable and configure Microsoft Teams for your organization by signing in to the Office 365 with your school or work account.

Choose the “Admin” option, to go to the Office 365 admin center.
Now, select the “Settings” option
Choose the “Services & add-ins” option,
When it is taking towards the ‘On the Services’ & ‘add-ins page,’ Choose the Microsoft Teams option.
Then, On the Microsoft Teams settings page, click to switch the clasp to the “On” button to turn on Teams for your organization option, and then choose the “Save” option.
The Microsoft Teams users can select to complete the tasks such as querying information and performing commands by using BOTs.
In the Bots section of the Microsoft Teams settings page, turning on or turning off any built-in bots option, click to switch the toggle which is next to Enable bots in Microsoft and then click on the “Save” option.
After Microsoft Teams set up option, now the user can manage Microsoft Teams from the admin console and start following conversations and manage notifications.
Steps to Activate the Manage Notification and Follow conversation in Microsoft Team

Manage Notification

Click on the “Settings” option, to manage notification
Click on the “Notification” button at the bottom left of the screen.
Click on the “Configure” options, to change your notification settings, messages, and more.
Click on the “Settings” tab and choose “Notifications” again, to set the limit in the number of notifications you receive,
Now, Select how you would like to get notified of mentions, messages, and more.
Finally, the Manage notification is activated on Microsoft team application.
Follow Conversation

Click on the “Favorite” option, to follow the conversation.
Click on the “The favorite” tab, adjoining to the channel name.
Now, carefully check if a channel is active or not and look at the channels which appear in bold, a bold channel is always an active channel.
And if any new messages appear on the screen, making it appear in bold.
You will receive notifications if someone @mentions you or replies to a conversation.
To verify if the conversations include you, then look for a red circle over the image of bell icon.
To confirm some other people in a Microsoft team channel will see your message, @mention
Immediately, the selected person will automatically get a notification in their activity list next to the channel.
While completing the process if an error occurs or troubling with any error, then dial the toll-free number of Microsoft customer support. The team of experts is available 24*7 to help you. To get quick support visit

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