Recently, Facebook has admitted that they have to provide dozens of tech companies with the special access to the user data after by publicly restricted such access in the year 2015.

However, Facebook has been continued sharing the information with almost 61 software and hardware makers after discontinued the practice in May 2015, one of the social networking giants admitted that in 747 pages of documents delivered to the Congress. The documents were in response to almost hundreds of questions which are posed to the Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and by the members of Congress in April.

While Facebook said that it granted a very special one-time six-month extension to those companies that ranged from the AOL to package-delivery service United Parcel Service to the dating application Hinge so they could easily come into the compliance with the social network’s latest privacy policy and also create their possess versions of Facebook for their devices or users. And the Data which is shared without the users’ knowledge included friends’ names, birth dates, and genders.

The company said in the documents that we connected companies to build combinations for a variety of devices, operating systems and some other products where they and their partners wanted to offer people a way to receive Facebook or Facebook experiences easily. These combinations were built by their partners, for their users, but only approved by the Facebook.

In their documents, Facebook’s also said that it had discovered five other companies theoretically which could have access a limited friends data as a result of a beta test.

Facebook explained in the documents that it has ended almost 38 of the plans and partnership to discontinue seven more by the end of this July.

The Zuckerberg’s testimony before both the House and Senate in April came as the social network deals with a scandal which involves the Cambridge Analytica, one of the digital consultancies which had ties directly to the Trump presidential campaign. The Cambridge Analytica unacceptably accessed the personal information on up to the 87 million Facebook users which are prompting a counterattack that raised questions about whether the Facebook can be trusted to secure the personal information of almost the 2 billion users.

However, the company also has been in the hot seat for not even doing enough to stop the abuse from the Russian trolls that posted the divisive and misinformation content on the platform of the social network. And the Russian activity was a part of a program to interfere in the US presidential election and also sow some discord among the voters.

Some of the lawmakers, in particular, raised the concerns over the Facebook is giving Huawei special access to the user data, mainly with Huawei, a company perennially in the crosshairs of the US government only for the security reasons.

In June, the controversy erupted when the New York Times reported that the Facebook had the agreements to provide access to almost the large amounts of user data to at least 60 different device makers which including the companies like Apple,  Samsung, Microsoft, and BlackBerry.

A New York Times reporter, in a test, has been logged into the Facebook by using a 2013 BlackBerry device and using an account with the roughly 550 friends, for monitoring the data received and requested. Directly through a BlackBerry application which is called The Hub, and the device was also able to obtain the identifying information for up to the 295,000 Facebook users.

Further, Facebook did not instantly respond to a request for the comment but has formerly said that it is taking some actions to confirm the Cambridge Analytica data develop which doesn’t happen again.

The Zuckerberg CEO of Facebook said that Facebook would investigate all applications that already have access to the large amounts of data, and also restrict the developers’ data access even more.

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