Issues related to the PowerPoint are rarely uttered about, but it doesn’t mean that the program is always free from issues. Earlier of this year, some users face a particular problem where the PowerPoint is the only concerned that is related to the Copy Paste was not working properly.

So here we provide you how you can easily fix this issue or solve this issue. Below we mention some steps which are very easy to follow and understand.

In fact, users claim that they have come across the following error whenever they try to post their data from Excel to PowerPoint.

We are sorry; something went wrong which might make the PowerPoint unstable. So please save your presentations and restart your PowerPoint program.

Here are few ways to get things under control, and now we are talking about a few of them. If using the right-click option does not help, then try using the Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V keys and see if the problem is fixed if not then follow the below mention steps.

1- Restore System to an Earlier Time
Click on the Windows 10 Start button,
Type the word Control Panel on the search box.
Now, click on the Control Panel via the search results.
Click on the Recovery option
Click on the Open System Restore tab
Click on the Next option.
Select the restore point. There might be one or numerous; choose the one which is of the earlier date.
Finally, select Next option
Click on the Finish option.
Now, wait until your computer will restarts and then check it properly, PowerPoint is back to its normal self again or not, if not then follow the next step to fix this copy paste issue.

2- Repair Microsoft Office
Microsoft Office is broken down in many more ways. So to Repair the Office is one of the best options if you are not really interested in reinstalling the complete software.

To repair the Microsoft Office you need to follow the following steps the steps are given below.

Click on the Windows Key + I to start the Settings app.
Select the Apps & Features option,
Scroll the list of applications until you have come across the Microsoft
Click on it, and then choose Modify option.
Click on the Quick Repair and Online Repair option.
Now, select the first option, and click on the Repair button.
Now, wait until the process is completed, after completion of process restarts your computer. This process will surely work, but still, you are not able to solve the issue then try the next step.

3- Disable all Add-Ins

There might be a reason if copy pastes not working is could be due to the installed add-ins on your device. So you will need to remove all of them and then try again.

Fire up PowerPoint on its regular mode,
Navigate to the File tab
Now, click on the Options
Click on the Add-Ins option
One dialog box will appear on the screen, make sure to change Manage drop-down option to the COM add-ins
Select Go option, to continue.
Now, clear the check box for all enabled COM add-ins,
Click on the OK button.
Finally, restart the software and try the copy-paste action once more.
4- Start PowerPoint in Safe Mode
It is not a permanent fix! If the user is not interested in going through all the hard work with the above-given options, then how about starting the PowerPoint in safe mode and also work from until the time presents itself to execute a permanent fix

To bring the PowerPoint into safe mode, follow the given steps

You need to close all the instances of the software
Right-click on the Windows 10 Start button,
Select and click on the Run option.
Type the word powerpoint /safe
Click on the OK button.

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