A playlist on YouTube is a group, or a list of the videos that play in order, one video after the other. When one video comes to an end of playing, the next starts automatically so that you don’t have to search or click to play a new video. You can create playlists according to the categories. This article will teach you how you can create a playlist and stream many of your favorite videos using YouTube. Follow the instructions mentioned below to create a playlist in YouTube:


  1. Launch the YouTube.
  2. If you haven’t signed in, you will need to sign in first by entering your email address and then tapping on the Next button. After that, enter your password.
  3. Search for a video, you will find a video search bar at the top of the window.
  4. When you find the video you want, tap on the Three Horizontal Lines icon present with a plus (+) below the video window.
  5. A new window will appear asking you to create a channel.
  6. Tap on the Create a channel option.
  7. After the channel opens, you will get an option to Add channel art, look at what is trending, and in time to look back through your recent history to search videos you have enjoyed recently.
  8. Now you will need to first tap on the Playlist option then tap on +New Playlist option.
  9. Name the Playlist and set its privacy.
  10. When you are done setting the privacy, tap on the Create option.
  11. You can add videos to the new playlist you have created by tapping on the Add to playlist option.
  12. Tap on the icon below by scrolling to the library area to view all the playlists you have added to your account.
  13. If your mind has changed and you want to remove any of the videos from your playlist, you can just remove them by tapping on the Three Dots icon and then tap on Remove option.
  14. Also, you can shuffle the playlist you have created by tapping on the shuffle icon.
  15. You can share your music too.
  16. Tap on the edit option, now you will need to tap on the Share icon and then you can share your video across Facebook or any other platform.
  17. If you want to share your playlist to an email address, simply tap on the Email option from the list that appears after you tap on the share icon. Enter in the email address and an optional message, and then tap on the Send email option.


Source  : https://keyactivation.net/blog/steps-to-create-a-playlist-on-youtube/

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