If you are also concerned about privacy on the Web, then anonymous Web browsing is everything you should know about. This is the ability to surf the Web without being tracked. There have been a number of frequently asked questions about hiding your tracks more conscientiously on the Web.

Why Would Someone Think Of Concealing Their Web Activity?

People have many motives behind wanting to browse the Web privately, but the most fundamental reasons seen so far have been a need to protect something or someone. Suppose you live in a country that has restrictive Web policies, then you would almost certainly yearn for concealing your browsing habits from the government if you are surfing through the sites that are opposing to the government policies. Or assume that you are at the workplace; you might not want anyone of your employers to know that you’ve been searching for any other job. Or if you have been looking for prescription drug information through Web surfing, at that time you would probably not want the spam emails to offer you the so-called latest in drug advancements. Thus, it’s all about your privacy.

Who Or What Would You Want To Hide Your Privacy From?

As a matter of fact, the private Internet surfing can have two forms:

  1. Privacy from other people – We guarantee that you would be shocked having seen how much information is being available from your Web browsing habits. For example, by using some easy sniffers known as the hacker tools, someone can find out your IP address, cookies, also they may discover what’s in your browser cache, and what type of computer you’re using. They could even start connecting to the hard drive of your computer and access most of your private files, which contains banking information and passwords, etc. Through your email provider also these tools can access your private information unless you make sure that your email provider is anonymous and secure.
  2. Privacy from the Web – Let’s assume that you’re surfing the Web to search for information on a drug to help with your vasculitis or arthritis. You are expected to search the keywords, IP address, time, and more, however, your these activities are likely to be logged and tracked by the Web site that you land on. Consequently, the best case situation is that you just start receiving a lot of Internet spam emails in your inbox that is, as usual, trying to sell you the new arthritis wonder drug. On the other hand, the worst case situation is also not too far. Your browsing information can be sold to any other drug Web site companies, you will start getting irritating telemarketing phone calls at any time because your phone number can also be accessible unless it is unlisted, and you may end up getting junk mail at home too, and lots more.

Now, you can understand that there are a lot of ways that these crooked and unscrupulous companies can start manipulating the information that you have provided them on the Web.

Your Information and Web Browsers

We’ve made you acquainted with the fact that how Web site companies and other people may sniff out your private information that includes your IP address too; well, what exactly does that mean? Read ahead.

What is an IP Address and Why Would Someone Want to Hide It?

On the whole, an IP address is the signature address of your PC when connected to the Internet. And the reasons one might want to hide his/her IP address can vary, depending on their personal concern, we take a leaf out of the basics reasons:

  • Tracking: you become an easy target to be found and tracked via your IP address very quickly.
  • Attacking: here your IP address can work as an entryway into your computer for the hackers.

In short, the anonymous surfing is something that works by putting a shield between you and the Website you want to look at, which allows you to view the information on the Web without being tracked.

Thank you for reading my blog; I hope that this information will be useful to the readers.

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