Apple’s iOS device lets us read the content of the Zip files. It means the iOS devices are compatible with Zip files due to its built-in file attachment feature. The latest version of iOS has Files app feature which makes it easier to download the Zip file. If your iOS device has this amazing Files app facility, then you can download and save the zip files directly.

The older iOS device is not blessed with this facility, and in that case, it is necessary to upgrade the iOS to the latest or modern version. It is not that the older devices are unable to open the zip files but for that, third-party tools should installed in the device to access the zip files. If you are clueless about the procedure to save and open the zip files in an iOS device, then follow the steps and the files in your iPhone or iPad.

Here, how to save and open zip files in the iOS device

  1. Launch Safarion your iOS device.
  2. Now, download a Zip file that you wanted to save.
  3. Now downloadthe file.
  4. In Safari, a screen will appear displaying the Zip file with optionsto open it.
  5. Select Openin “Files” and determine the destination to the file.
  6. Save the zip file in the Files
  7. If you choose More, then options will pop up.
  8. Select Saveto Files.
  9. You can add the zip file to iCloudDriver as well.
  10. After the process is done, navigatethe location and tap on the file.
  11. Now select PreviewContent.
  12. If you downloaded the file in iOS10 or lower versions, you could open the files in emails or apps like Dropbox.
  13. You can tap the file and select the Share
  14. Now, tap Add to Notes.
  15. Createnew file in Notes or attach the zip file to an existing note.
  16. Now, tap Save.
  17. Now, open Notesapp and tap on the Zip containing note.
  18. Doubletap to extract the file and select Preview Content.

Opening a Zip file is not difficult in an iOS device as the Files app makes it more compatible and convenient. You cannot edit the content of the files, but when you access the zip files and read the content.

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