Despite being a hardcore device, the GoPro camera has been found to have a soft spot in it. The camera can capture the high-quality videos in rough conditions and the sportspersons love to capture the game moments. But there is a threat to those awesome moments stored in the SD card inside GoPro. A lot of GoPro owners complained that the camera is displaying the GoPro SD Card error. There are various reasons like switching the device with the same card frequently can bring the issues in the format of the card. If the error is appearing, then the steps should be taken immediately or else the error can corrupt the card, and the data can be lost.

Here’s how to fix GoPro SD Card Error

Check if the Card is Correctly Installed

  1. Check if the Card is Correctly Installed

Ensure that the SD card is inserted correctly in the SD card slot of the camera. Open the card slot and give the SD card a gentle push. This might correctly set the card inside of the GoPro SD card slot. Also, you can power off your GoPro and take out the card. Rub it firmly to clean it with a dry cotton cloth. Keep the GoPro turned off and reinsert the SD card in it. Sometimes, the dust particles on the card cause the connection error resulting SD card error in GoPro.

  1. Check the Compatibility

A device like a mobile phone or camera and the accessories available in the market should be compatible; otherwise, the error will appear. If you have the SD card not supported by GoPro, the error is likely to appear. So it is always better to check the specifications before selecting the card. Using the card before in the GoPro camera doesn’t ensure the consistency, and hence the performance of the same card may vary in GoPro.

  1. Format the Card

If the card possesses the problem in GoPro camera, then formatting it could be the better fix to resolve the issue. While using the card frequently in other devices, the card format will corrupt, and the SD card error will appear. But remember, that you should format the card using GoPro itself instead of referring the format through the computer.

  1. Open the GoPro camera.
  2. Keep pressing the power button until the Setup appears.
  3. To enter the Setup of your GoPro, press the button at the top.
  4. Now press the power button until the Garbage icon appears.
  5. Press the button at the top to enter.
  6. Again use the power button and select All/Format.
  7. Press the button at the top.
  8. Press the power button to go to Delete option.
  9. Press the button at the top to confirm.
  10. Once the card is formatted, go back to the menu.
  11. Select the Reset Cam option by pressing the button at the top.
  12. Now, select RESET DFLTS.
  13. Use the power button and move to the Reset option.
  14. GoPro will reset its settings to default.
  15. Check if the error persists.
  16. Update the GoPro Firmware

GoPro SD card error can appear while using the SD card in the older version. But with a firmware update, the error can be resolved. You will need to install the GoPro Studio and connect your GoPro camera to a computer system. If there is an update available, the option will appear to download it. Follow the instruction and accept the license. Then finally you can download and install the firmware to update the GoPro camera.

GoPro No SD Card error looks too tricky to handle, but with the simple methods, you can eliminate the error. Now, you can keep your video files safe in the GoPro SD card. It doesn’t matter how old or a new version of GoPro you have, the incorrect usage of SD card will bring the error which can corrupt your files too. But, these methods will surely fix the GoPro SD Card Error.

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