If you feel uncomfortable with the idea of staying around old voice recordings, we present you a simple way to clear the data on your Alexa devices to help you be relaxed.

Clearing Alexa History

Before you start removing the history, though, you have to make sure that you’re permanently deleting the all AI’s specialized memory, as it’s been designed to retain this information to serve you better.

Here’s how you can clear all your Alexa history and delete recordings.

  1. Launch the Alexa app on your smartphone.
  2. Click on the Menu button to see the Sidebar.
  3. Select Settings and go to History. Here you’ll be able to see all of your audio recordings retained by your device.
  4. After that, select a recording.
  5. Select Delete voice recording option. Note that if you want to scrub Alexa clean of all your recordings, you will have to tap and select them all manually.
  6. Or else, you could visit Amazon’s Content and Devices page for erasing all of your recordings straight away.
  7. From there, you will just need to select Your Devices.
  8. Tap on the Alexa device you want to clean up.
  9. After that, select the “Manage Voice Recordings” option.
  10. And tap and select the option that allows you to delete everything.

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