Everyone knows Alexa, even if you don’t know about it, you must have heard about it. Alexa is a virtual private assistant at Amazon. It has been there for more than four years, and it is on the way of becoming quick and smarter. You must have messed up with Siri, just like Siri, Alexa is also a virtual private assistant that was created by Amazon’s secretive Lab126. It is recognized for listening to your voice directions and answering keenly. Users may listen to songs on Spotify. They can create to-do lists and can do many other activities.


Alexa became popular by Amazon Echo; it is a device that acts like a speaker and smart home hub. It can work on several other devices too.  Alexa is man made so naturally, it is also having some difficulties in understanding and responding to the commands correctly.

Users may get annoyed when Alexa doesn’t respond to their requests. Alexa is liable to speak this phrase only when there is some problem. It will speak, ” Sorry I am encountering difficulty in getting you immediately. Please try again later”.

What are the reasons behind this specific error?

If your  Amazon Echo is facing problem in understanding what you are speaking, then it will show the error message. The primary reason behind this is that the user doesn’t have any connection to the wireless network. Users aren’t having access to the internet.

Steps for fixing this error

  • Try to turn it off and on

This is one of the methods of the technical world. Make a simple restart, and the gadget is all set to work again. Try to unplug the device from the wall. Now insert it back repeatedly.

  • Check the net connection

Maybe your Wi-Fi is up and operating at the same time. Alexa requires an effective internet juncture for obtaining the net and for deciphering the command. Make sure that your modem and router are having access to the net. Go online for seeing how should you fix your network connectivity.

  • Make sure that Alexa is within the range of Wi-Fi

Maybe you are having full-fledged access to the internet, but it won’t help if Alexa is not within the field. You might have out other devices too far that are not able to receive the signals then try to move her close to the router.

  • Set Alexa to “Factory Defaults”

Sometimes the issue could be with the software, and this is the problem that it can’t get resolved itself. Try to set Alexa again to factory defaults for fixing the issue.

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